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We ask each parent to volunteer a minimum of 20 hours during the

season. It’s fun and you meet the members of our football community!


Director of Football Operations:  Directs the PSG and appointed by the Head Football Coach. Organizes Football Operations, Liaison with coaches, players and parents. Maintain database, files & documents. Coaches Game Day Meals, PSG communication


Volunteer Coordinator: Takes care of the paperwork and finds volunteers. Communicates with master record keeper and distributes badges to volunteers.


Treasurer / Finance: $75, 000-90,000 Budget; Maintain the budget and accounting, handle collecting money at various events.


Meet the Team & Freshman Orientation Coordinator-$1,000-2,000 Expense; Organize Pre-Season Meet the Team dinner.  Make sure space is confirmed.  Arrange food, drinks & decorations.  Check with Cheerleaders for greeting and helping with evening.  Arrange presentation for incoming freshman player and parents


Documents Coordinator: TBD keep active excel spreadsheet, make docs uniform


Field Painting & Equipment Coordinator: $4,000-6,000 Expense; Coordinate field painting for Varsity Games, Order Paint Supplies, and painting of Senior Cougar Paws with volunteers prior to the season.  Design field advertising templates. Maintain water tank equipment & golf carts etc. Before the game help set up the cannon and field tunnel and get coach’s headphones to the field.


Parking Coordinator-$9,000 – 12,000  revenue; Coordinate Varsity & JV Parking Volunteers for all Home Games.  Maintain/Sell Premium Parking Pass.  Secure start up money.  Night of game: Use of golf cart to put up parking signs, close front gate to main entrance parking and assign locations.  Checking on volunteers to replenish change and pick up money.


Fundraising Coordinator: $35,000 – 50,000 Revenue

  • Cougar Program Book - $1,000 revenue - Secure Program Designer. Layout program and work with printer (Player Pages/ Cheerleaders/ Business pages/ team pictures & photos etc).

  • Cougar Cards $8,000-13,000 Revenue– Assist with the selling and distribution.

  • Ford Drive One for Your School - $4,000-6,000  revenue; Coordinate this fund raiser with the representative from Ford and

               market via Social media to obtain drivers for the day.

  • Ford Hunger Drive - $2,000 revenue Coordinate this fundraiser with the representative from Ford and market via Social Media. 

  • Golf Tournament - $9000-13,000 revenue; Organize the spring golf tournament which includes working with sponsors and obtaining players.

  • E Team Sponsorships - $15,000 revenue; Obtain names to add to the database.

  • Tag Days, Car Washes  $2,000-3,000 Revenue


Sponsorship Coordinator-$15,000-25,000 revenue; Coordinate new opportunities and lead these current activities with additional volunteers handling:

  • Advertising/Sponsorship’s-Field Corporate Logos-$5,000-$10,000 revenue

  • Banners/Signs - $10,000 revenue- Coordinate volunteers to go out and solicit businesses and parent messages for sign. Coordinate with ordering new signs with Sign Company. Organize hanging & maintain signs.


Team Apparel & Equipment Coordinator $2,500 revenue; Coordinate team apparel orders from players, parents and coaches.  Sell merchandise at games and other activities.  Responsible for “Player Packs.” Coordinate protective gear orders such as helmets, knee & ankle braces.


Varsity & JV Team Coordinators - Liaison for Varsity & JV Volunteers. Coordinate Game Day Rosters for printing. Coordinate Rosters & Pictures for program.  Coordinate half time locker room with sport drinks, fruit, protein bars and towels. Varsity: 4 men for locker room. Distribute drinks, towels etc. and clean up.  JV: Any parent to assist with pass out & clean up in end zone on field.


Varsity & JV Field Music Coordinator: Operate pre-game music & Cougar Growl during game.


Varsity & JV Cannon Coordinator: Fire off field cannon during games on first down, touchdowns, extra point, and field goals during games. Set up tunnel on Game Days.  Coordinate Fire Extinguishers for tunnel.


Varsity & JV Pictures and Video Coordinators:  Take pictures and video on sidelines at games and other events; gather pictures from other individuals to maintain on, Skydrive, Facebook or central database.  Assist in creating an end of the year video highlights.


Varsity & JV Game Day End Zone Video Coordinator: Show up at 7:15 and operate the camera boom for all games from the end zone.  This is used for team films sessions.


Varsity & JV Game Day Announcer & Assistants: Announce games in press box. Distributes rosters and assist with shout outs and sponsor announcements.


Varsity & JV Game Day Roster Coordinators: Coordinate getting roster to press box both home and away.  Gather rosters and advertising information, print and distribute at games.


Varsity & JV Field Chains: Work with referees on the sideline of Home games only.


TV/Media Representative: Act as a liaison during games with TV/Media Representatives.  Hand out roster to media; coordinate coach and player interviews for after game.


Cougar Walk Coordinators: Organize “Cougar Walk” prior to the games.  Let parents and fans know to line up before team runs back on field (approx. 10 min prior to kick off) to give a high five, shout out etc.


Homecoming Coordinators: Coordinate activities for Homecoming with band, cheerleaders and announcers. Football team sponsors wrist corsages for cheerleaders.  Coordinate number with cheerleader coach.


Senior Night Coordinators: Coordinate Senior Night with band teacher, cheerleader coach and senior parents. Assist with activities such as parent arrival; line up # order & player lineup.  Assist coach with senior information papers.  Confirm with coach if pregame or halftime (usually pregame, band halftime) Order roses for night, one per player to be given to parent.


End of Season Banquet Coordinators: Organize End of Season Banquet.  Arrange food, drinks & decorations. Coordinate activities with band and cheerleader representatives.


Spring Picnic & Cougar Ball Coordinator: Organize the spring family picnic which includes obtaining food and drinks.  Notify parents and players.


7 on 7 Coordinator: Organize drinks, food, tents and location at the tournament. 


Parent Representatives- Senior-Junior-Sophomore-Freshman: Representative from Varsity and JV that helps to identify volunteers and act as a liaison.  Assists with Senior Night, Banquets, Cougar Walk and various activities associated with the Program.


Player Representative – Senior – Junior – sophomore - freshman: Elected position by the coaches that will assist with motivating and gathering information needed for the various activities associated with the program.


Website Coordinator: TBD


Capital Fundraising Team: This is a group of individuals who are searching for larger donators/investors to the program. This group is constantly working on the programs 5 year plan and the goals of this team are much larger and long term. The first goal of the CHS football program is to raise enough money to build a field house over the existing roller hockey rink. The field house would contain a JV and Varsity locker room, equipment room, football weight room, coaches’ offices, and player meeting rooms.  Obtaining funds to build the building is the long term goal of this team and the search for investors is their mission.