With the high cost of outfitting a player in quality football equipment (~$700), it is essential that we perform various fundraisers to supplement what is provided by the school’s football fund allotment. In addition to the basic expenses, some other major expenses are field equipment, team building events and travel. We are also currently trying to raise funds for some long-term major improvements to the program.


We have several fundraisers planned and the dates will be posted on the website’s calendar of events. Fundraising is a Team Function!


The budget of the CHS Football program is currently $85,000. Without fundraising and excellent parent support it would be impossible for us to hit that number.  One misconception is that our game ticket sales go directly to the football program; they do not! The money from our ticket gate goes to the county’s general athletic fund. In actuality, the county typically only gives our program about $3000 per year, and our school graciously buys us about 15 helmets a year.  Everything else that the program requires comes from the hard work of the PSG. In the past we have bought new field equipment, coaches’ headsets, and equipment in the weight room.



E Team Sponsorships

Every kid in program or related to football (even if currently in different sport) is handed an e-mail blast form.   The players have until February 21st to turn in this sheet with a minimum of 15 different e-mail addresses on it of strong potential donators. 


Fundraiser Expectation: Has made around $8000 dollars in the past with good participation.  Hoping to have around 75 -90 kids with 15 emails each should give us a target of over 1100 possible donators. Proposed raised amount $5,000-$8000



Car Washes

With our large number of players we should be able to schedule 3 Car Washes and players having to only work 1 of the events giving us groups of 25 players minimum to work each day (any player who didn’t participate in a Tag Day will have to work two car washes).    When we hand out Car wash tickets to every kid in the program. The players will be expected to sell 10 tickets.  On days of the event the players will work 1.5 hour shifts of ten players each shift (for a total of thirty players a day and a 4.5 hour day of washing cars).


Fundraiser Expectation: Expecting to have 75 players the program should make $3000 in advance ticket sales alone. We will also wash drive up cars for $5 each. With three weeks of car washes we could potentially make another $500-$1000 in drive up cars who don’t have a ticket. Proposed raised amount $3500 - $4000

Golf Tournament

The Gold tournament should be our biggest winter fundraiser. It should take a lot of effort to make the event has big and fun as possible. We need a large team working on this and paying it a great deal of attention.  We will start with advertising the tournament in March and begin accepting registrations.  During this time we will set up our parent groups to find hole sponsors for every hole.  We need a team to find a minimum of 18 paying hole sponsors.  In April we will make a new team of parents who can find prizes and donated gifts for out auction at the end of the Gold Tournament.  Throughout this time we will be advertising the golf tournament with flyers and through social media to try and fill in 36 foursomes. The day of the event we will have a group of parents handing out gift bags and selling items to the teams such as: string, mulligan’s, and raffle tickets.  This should be a huge event for us.


Fundraiser Expectations: With the price of the foursomes, the hole sponsors, the auctions, and the purchased items we would expect to raise a lot of money. This golf tournament should bring in a minimum of $10,000 if we plan early and have a dedicated group of parents working to make it a success. Proposed raised amount $10,000-15,000


Cougar Camp-TBD



$9,000 – 12,000  revenue; Coordinate Varsity & JV Parking Volunteers for all Home


Cougar Program Book

$1,000 revenue - Secure Program Designer. Layout program and work with printer (Player Pages/ Cheerleaders/ Business pages/ team pictures & photos etc).


Cougar Cards

$8,000-13,000 Revenue– Assist with the selling and distribution.


Ford Hunger Drive

$2,000 revenue Coordinate this fundraiser with the representative from Ford and market via Social Media. 


Field Corporate Logos-$5,000-$10,000 revenue



$10,000 revenue- Coordinate volunteers to go out and solicit businesses and parent messages for sign. Coordinate with ordering new signs with Sign Company. Organize hanging & maintain signs.


Team Apparel

$2,500 revenue